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ITP: hindent

     This utility reformats HTML code to be properly indented/nested for
     improved readability. You can indent the existing lines as-is, or
     totally reformat the code to have one tag per line. Hindent is
     useful in deciphering software-generated HTML code when it's all
     just one huge line, or help you find find that last missing
     end-tag, or deal with code victimized by creeping featurism.
     Written in Perl for Unix. Understands all HTML 3.2 nestable tags.

Copyright: GPL
Homepage: http://www.domtools.com/unix/hindent.shtml


A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a
"Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
                -- Mahatma Ghandi

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