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ITP: libarr

I intend to package libarr: a small and quick console drawing library
written at Stormix for use with libctk, but also generally useful.

downloadable from sourceforge cvs under the libctk project.
(i'll make a release tar file Real Soon Now (tm) :)

Upstream Author: Chris Bond <cbond@stormix.com>

Copyright:  Copyright (C) 2000 Stormix Technologies Inc.

Licence: LGPL

Packages: libarr-dev and libarr0

Description:libarr, a small and fast console drawing library
 libarr is a small and fast console management library.
 It was intended to replace the drawing functionality of
 SLang as used in libctk.  It stores up writes, and then 
 does them all at once by only writing the difference
 to the screen (thereby eliminating flicker).

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