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Re: Debian Critical Mass

Paul J Thompson <thomppj@okstate.edu> writes:

> 2. Debian's release schedule is far different then what we would like it
> to be. The number of Debian packages currently present cause a "test til
> we know it's stable" time period to last a very long period of time. I

But is it really the number of packages that is keeping the release

I don't think so. A lot of the packages could and should be treated as
"Be (release critical) bugfree or begone" and I think the release
manager have tried to do this.

The only existing problem I can see with a lot of packages is the need
for multiple cd's but this should be almost a one time problem.

I think there is three problems:

  * Comunication
  * No one has all the time they want
  * No one has access to all the archs

The last two is about there is a lot of problems that can't be
appointed to one person either because they are to large or because the
problem spans different archs. And then we get half solutions which
takes time to fit together. I see this as a feature of Debians
development model.

I'm not claiming this is the only reason and neither that I could do
it better if I was in power (respect for those in the key positions)


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