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Re: debfind.net (was: GNOME-HELIX)

>>>> "z" == zhaoway  <zhaoway@yeah.net> writes:


z> 1) Just curious that is it a good thing to do to have a Helix
z> employee joined Debian as an individual instead of as an entity
z> to represent his/her company while this person's intention to
z> work with Debian may probably end when s/he is not on the
z> position on his current packaging job? (Become a manager,
z> move company, etc.)
z> Shall Debian consider to accept special entity from a
z> commercial company which complies to DFSG on their
z> Debian related work? Shall there's be something as a
z> Debian consotium? What does the consitution say?

Interesting. No answer?

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