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Re: Debian 2.2 Release.

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 08:58:33AM -0400, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > What about freezing woody one week after releasing potato
> > and releasing it after no more than one month of freeze ???


Note that powerpc and sparc autobuilders have deliberately been ignoring
woody (and I think arm autobuilding doesn't entirely exist yet, so they're
out of date too); note that there are large numbers of bugs being ignored
pending woody, and large numbers of new packages that haven't been tested
for woody yet. Compare the uninstallables counts:

                  potato  woody
	alpha        30    338
	arm          85   2783
	hurd-i386          586
	i386          3     97
	m68k         40    331
	sparc        21    409
	sparc64            183
	powerpc      28    430

You really think we'll get all this fixed and spotless in a month?

It is to laugh.

Personally, I think Debian's outgrown the "develop / debug / test /
release" model at this point. There are too many arches to try to keep
in sync, too many packages to ensure are bugfree, too many independent
goals to work on, too many configurations to support if we try to do it
all in series: as soon as we've got B settled down and try to move onto
C, A breaks. We need, IMHO, more parallelisation, not just more pressure
to get things done faster and better and what not.

I'd strongly encourage people to hold their thoughts on how we should
handle releases until we've actually finished this one, ie, when we can
actually take some of the ideas everyone has into account. Write your
messages and all, but lets postpone them for a month and actually do
something rather than just talk about it this time.

>   Another idea might be ajt's "testing" distribution.  From what I've heard,
> that has a lot of promise for alleviating some of the problems; I'm interested
> to see what happens when it's integrated into the archives (I've heard this
> will happen after the woody release?) 
current or potato. ie, it's ready and waiting to be in place *for* woody.


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