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RC bug list


I inadvertently deleted the release critical buglist announcement, but
I noticed that libtool had a release critical bug but no bug number
was listed.  I assume that it is the bug reported by Roman Hodek
regarding the apparent change in "hardcode_libdir_flag_spec"
semantics.  Can someone please confirm that this the release critical
bug in question?  I very much doubt that it is any of the others.

In the meantime, I'll check with the upstream libtool maintainers to
see if potato's libtool 1.3.3 is affected.  Libtool 1.3.3 is fairly
old so I'm guessing that it is okay.  In any case, I'll know more
after discussing this matter with the libtool team.

Ossama Othman <ossama@ece.uci.edu>
Distributed Object Computing Laboratory, Univ. of California at Irvine
1024D/F7A394A8 - 84ED AA0B 1203 99E4 1068  70E6 5EB7 5E71 F7A3 94A8

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