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ITP g2s


as the subject states I intent to package g2s, an alternative to inetd
and xinetd. It's main features are: 

- Portability, opposed to ISS xinetd,
- Robust super-server (inetd) replacement,
- TCP-Wrappers integrated with paranoid DNS checks and support for
  broken or fake name servers,
- Handy but detailled log files,
- Support for various protocols : raw IP, ICMP, GGP, TCP, EGP, PUP, UDP,
- Gatewaying,
- Secure applications spawning with full control of their environment,
- Realtime fake IP packets analys and applicative filtering to avoid
  spoofing and common remote attacks,
- Fault-tolerant relaying and load balancing.
- IPv6 compliant, IPv6 to IPv4 gatewaying.
- Support for RBL maps for automatic spam filtering.

It's licensed under the GPL v2 and the author is happy to see me
packaging it for debian, because <quote> Debian thinks the world of
security. </quote>. So I will start working on this package and
hopefully will have package ready for woody till next week.

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