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Embedded Debian Cross Development Environments Available


I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first *test* release of
Embedded Debian Cross Development Environments. Here are the specs:

    * Hosts:
        - Debian i386 (potato-ish)
        - RPM based i386

    * Targets:
        - PowerPC Linux
        - ARM Linux

    * Packages:
        - Binutils
        - GCC 2.95.2
        - GlibC 2.1.3
        - Based on Debian packages, with added support for cross

    * Capabilities:
        - C development
        - Useful for Linux kernel development on both Debian and RPM based
        - Useful for application development (in C) on Debian hosts only.

For more information and download instructions, go to


and check out the link "Cross Development Environments" at the top of the

As I mentioned, this is a *test* release. Some notes:

    * The PowerPC cross compilers have been tested by
        - Building Linux kernel 2.2.14 and running it successfully
        - Building GNU hello, linked static & dynamic
        - Binaries tested on a PowerPC 750
    * The ARM cross compilers have been tested by
        - Building GNU hello, linked static & dynamic
        - I do not have an ARM host so these binaries have not been tested
    * The version of GlibC is likely not appropriate for non-FPU
    * I've only tried installing the .debs on a recent version of
      potato. I know someone who tried a slink install, but that didn't 
      go so well. YMMV.


    * Expanding the list of supported hosts
    * Expanding the list of supported programming languages
    * Support for non-FPU processors
    * User's Documentation
    * Much Much More

I am very interested in hearing of your experiences with this software.

Suggestions are welcome!

I am particularly interested in comments from Debian developers,
especially those who have done maintainer work on the packages I've
had my evil ways with :-)


Frank Smith, MCompSci
Principal Software Designer      frank.smith@amirix.com
AMIRIX Systems Inc.              http://www.amirix.com/
Embedded Debian Project          http://www.emdebian.org/
77 Chain Lake Drive              902-450-1700 x289 (Phone)
Halifax, N.S. B3S 1E1            902-450-1704 (FAX)

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