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Re: Bug#65961: tetex-base/tetex-nonfree: serious license problems

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 07:31:27AM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > Notwithstanding the comments below, this should still be clarified in
> > potato, and the licenses clarified.  There mustn't be any non-free
> > stuff in a free source package.
> Where did you read this "There mustn't be any non-free stuff in a free
> source package."?
> If you really want this to be changed, you also have to change it in the
> following packages: gimp, gimp1.1

Policy says:
    Every package in "main" must comply with the DFSG (Debian
    Free Software Guidelines).

This is because:
    We want to make it easy for people to produce
    CD-ROMs of our system without violating any licenses,
    import/export restrictions, or any other laws.

Furthermore, as we have all shouted about recently:
    Packages in the other sections are not considered as part of
    the Debian distribution, though we support their use, ...

Since people make CDs of source as well as of binaries, our source CDs
of Debian (that is, main) contain stuff which is not part of Debian,
and even software whose distribution may be restricted.  This is Not



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