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Telemetry CDs: A Debian subset at openrock.net

We have generated a debian subset with a few modifications that can be
used to install a network monitoring station. Have a look at

An iso image (based on potato) fitting to be burned on a credit card size
CD is available. To make that happen and fit all software into the 50MB 
available the following was changed:

1. packages included in the base*.tgz are not included again.
2. removal of a lot of files and diverse kernel modules.
3. Do not include the full standard system.
4. Simplification of the installation procedure by removing dialogs and
   setting some defaults.

I hope that the image is suitable for newbies....

The CD still contains

apache(ssl), perl, postgres, lots of networking tools, vim (full version),
joe, exim, mon, netsaint ....

Feedback appreciated. I plan to use these credit card size CDs for
promotional purposes.

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