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Re: eliminating -source packages

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> No, I have thought of this before, it is a good idea. Shell scripts really
> wouldn't do it justice..
> There are some issues though, what exactly should be done for upgrade?
> Nuke the old files and unpack the new ones? Install new ones along side?
> Etc..

Probably the former.

> Also, dpkg-source is not really suitable for this kind of task, it doesn't
> have good enough error handling+recovery to work as well as we expect dpkg
> to.

On the other hand, a source unpack error is not quite as critical as a
lsdo unpack error. :-) And it can be beefed up I guess.

> That means a new low-level tool that is an analog to dpkg (except for
> source packages) needs to be created that can maintain the list of
> installed sources, and dpkg-source would be beefed up and regulated into a
> role more like dpkg-deb. 

Hm, I was sort of seeing apt as handling the list stuff. I don't get
what a seperate program like dpkg buys us.

see shy jo

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