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Re: `viewcvs' (Was: Re: [dbootstrap] `newt' and `boxes.c', `bogl' and `bowl'[, `???' and `boxeX.c'?])

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  I'm goofing with `viewcvs'.  It's a clone of `cvsweb' written in
>  Python.  I think we should install it on `cvs.debian.org' in place of
>  `cvsweb', since it can do the annotation feature without needing
>  writes to "history", etc.
How on earth did they manage that?!
>  It's also got a checkin database thing, where every commit is logged
>  to a MySQL database, and you can query that via a web interface...  I
>  haven't looked into that much yet.

Sounds yicky. Optional, I take it.

>  In order to do the transition from `cvsweb' to `viewcvs' I made some
>  Apache rewrite rules...  Hmmm.  I guess since it's the home page for
>  `cvs.debian.org' anyway, there's no big deal changing over.  The two
>  programs are functionally identical.

Yeah, they do seem to be so. 

I may be interested in just phasing out cvsweb from debian entirely, and
making viewcvs replace it. I'll have to take a closer look at viewcvs
first though. Cvsweb has major code cleanliness issues, which make me
not trust its security; if viewcvs has cleaner code, that alone would be
worth it, IMHO.

see shy jo

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