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Re: eliminating -source packages

Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:
>  I don't think that source should be viewed as a system-wide resource. I
> like the `apt-get source' approach you mention, it just download and unpacks
> the source where you are, without side effects.
>  I think users should be able to work with sources in any machine they don't
> have the root password (e.g: master). So I propose this twist to your idea:
>  I define the idea of a "source repository" as a simple dir with some kind
> of control meta-data (a file?). Standing in this dir you could install
> source packages to it (unpacked as subdirs), and the repository would be
> self consistent (with depends). As the depends will have to be fulfilled,
> packages can rely on accessing ../<other-package> .

Ooh. I think that's excellent.

see shy jo

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