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Let's not forget why many people use/contribute to Debian

I think a lot of people here are losing sight of the fact that many people use
Debian, not mainly because it's free software, but because things are done The
Right Way(tm) around here.  In other words, many users, and developers alike,
although interested in the prospect of a completely free operating system, do
not want it forced on them when it is not practical.  The more difficult it
becomes to use Debian in practical situations, the less likely someone is to
use Debian.

The time will come where Debian will be completely free, but that will be when
non-free simply fizzles out and dies, not when a few overzealous developers
tell us it will be.  If this GR passes, and it becomes more difficult than it
already is to get practical, non-free software on a Debian system, then I
suppose Debian will be forked.  After all, people will not reluctantly accept
this new direction Debian might take.  Rather, they, users and developers
alike, will just go elsewhere.

We all know what splintering did to UNIX.  I think it's time to ask the Debian
developers if this General Resolution is worth the potential fork it will
likely cause.

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