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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-freeeral Resolution: Removing non-free

Tim vor der Brueck <vdbrueck@studcs.uni-sb.de> writes:

> Removing non-free-software from debian means:
> No Java Development Kit any more for debian.
> kaffe has to much bugs to use it seriously.
> In the commercial world there are (mostly) only two kinds of software:
> Windows and Java.
> You may consider this.

It is my understanding that the SCSL under which all Java 2
implementations (Sun's jdk 1.2 and above, ibm's jdk1.3, etc) have to
be released (or they are not "Java 2"), is such that it can never be
part of non-free. In other words, there never will be Java 2 .debs as
"part" of Debian, whether or not non-free is abolished.

See the archives of the debian-java mailing list for details (which it
is entirely possible that I have mis-remembered).

Sun's jdk1.1 was under a different license, and could remain in
non-free as long as it exists. However, I think that jdk1.1 is
increasingly irrelevant to Java development in the commercial world.

In summary, Java is irrelevant when it comes to discussing the GR to
remove non-free - "modern" versions of it are already too unfree to be
included in non-free.


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