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Re: Q about Build-Depends vs Build-Depends-Indep

> Currently, my gri package has the following Build-Depends:
> Build-Depends: debhelper, netcdfg-dev, imagemagick, gs, gs-fonts, 
> 	tetex-bin, texinfo
> Most of those are needed for the binary-indep target (building
> docs) and won't be needed by porters doing only the binary-arch
> build.
> But the docs don't say one of the Build-Depends applies only to
> binary-arch, so what's the use?

Policy reworded: The packages in Build-Depends are used during
dpkg-buildpackage -B (calls clean, build, binary-arch), and
Build-Depends-Indep are used *only* during the remaining binary-indep,
which normally isn't used by porters. So for porters it's sufficient
to install the pkgs in Build-Depends, whereas the source maintainer
(that also builds the Arch: all packages) also needs

> Build-Depends: debhelper, netcdfg-dev
> Build-Depends-Indep: debhelper, netcdfg-dev, imagemagick, gs, gs-fonts, 
> 	tetex-bin, texinfo

I guess at least debhelper is already used in the clean and
binary-arch targets :-) Similar, the TeX docs will probably already be
formatted during execution of the build target. So don't move them to

The "indep" has nothing to do with architecture independence of the
tools mentioned there, or the result of what they do. It's just
defined in terms of the build process. What's needed *only* during
execution of binary-indep (i.e., production of Arch: all packages) can
go to -Indep, but nothing else.


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