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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Anton Ivanov <aivanov@eu.level3.net> writes:

> > production, real world environment, where machines needs to talk to disparate
> > worlds.
> 	Bar the fact that the only decent compiler/libs for math stuff for alpha are 
> non-free for now.

I run Alpha with no non-free compiler or libs.  It seems OK to me.

> 	It also gives Debian opportunity to run on systems where the hardware vendor 
> has not seen the light (TM) yet and has released only binary and/or non-free 
> drivers. Spell NVIDIA, Intel, 3COM, Lucent, ad naseum. And they are not alone. 

No it doesn't.  Debian distribution cannot ship with non-free
software.  This makes no difference to the distribution.

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