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ITP: hpt, smapi, fidoconf, huskybse, speakfreely

hi, I ITP the following packages (and need a sponsor :):

1) hpt
The FTN (Fidonet) Tosser of the Husky Project (Project to develop free,
portable FTN Software)
License: GPL

2) fidoconf
Supporting lib/files for the Husky Project
License: GPL

3) huskybse
Base files for Husky
License: GPL

4) smapi
A lib needed by most husky stuff.
License: Weird home-brewed License, see thread on -legal.
I am talking to the author to change it.

5) Speakfreely
An internet voicechat.
License: Public Domain

further information can be found on www.speakfreely.org and

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