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Re: Clarifications

Stephen Frost <sfrost@ns.snowman.net> writes:

> 	The reason seems to be completely political.  There are no
> technical merits to it.  Letting outselves be driven by politics may
> not be beneficial.  As a change there needs to be some justification and
> a solid reason to make such a change.  The creators apparently felt
> there was reason for non-free to exist.  Non-free is clearly beneficial
> to debian developers and users, else no one would have packaged it.

     As I have said before, I have not yet decided what my position
will be on this GR when it comes to a vote.  I do object to
misstatements on either side of the issue.

    The creators apparently did _not_ feel there was reason for
non-free to exist.  In the Debian Manifesto Ian Murdock said that
Debian would be distributed by The Free Software Foundation.  This
would effectively prevent a non-free section.

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