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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Adam Rogoyski <rogoyski@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

> > As such, and as a Debian user, I have always been bothered by the fact
> > that Debian included non-free software, and I think the other side of
> > the contract, the free software authors of the world, would like to
> > see Debian not give support to our enemies.
> People who release non-DFSG software are not enemies of Debian (unless
> they declare themselves to be or act in a similiar manner).  Please
> re-read the social contract, point 5.  Debian does not include non-DFSG
> software, but we configure it and have it available for users to obtain
> conveniently for those who choose this, and it is a choice.  

Yes, it is a choice, and the users who use it and the Debian
developers who package it are not enemies but usually friends.  I
myself am a user of some packages from non-free.

But the software companies who produce these packages, sometimes in
direct competition with free software, are our enemies.  

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