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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

>>"John" == John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

 >> No, I don't think so. I find the DFSG to be perfectly fine
 >> here; the programs bgelong in non-free. And I think I am arguing for
 >> the us to continue to have non-free hosted on our sites, and
 >> supported in the BTS. We add value to these programs, and this value
 >> is a useful add-on  for our users.

 John> We have never valued them.  If we had, they would have been
 John> distributed on our CDs.

 	We value them _less_ than free software, but we do not hold
 them worthless. This is a real world distinction that is hard to see
 when ones world is black and white.

 John> We are about Free Software.

 	Not entirely. We are also about making the *BEST* Linux
 distribution there is, too. Yes, there is a preference for free
 software, but one of the winning points about Debian is that we were
 balanced -- not rabid fee software fanatics, and not libvertanian

 John> We are not about providing a crutch for software with bad
 John> licenses.  It's time that people learn that they can't get onto
 John> Debian's mirror network merely by being "close" to Free.  They
 John> have to be Free.

 	People do not magically get on Debian's mirror
 network. Indeed, if a volunteer had not put in effort to get the
 software in, it would not. So a Debian developer has opined that that
 software is worth the time and effort put in it

 John> Not sure what you're saying...  "why are you asking the work..."
 John> People are free to package whatever they want.  Debian is able to
 John> exercise control over what it distributes.

 	Yes, I do understand that this GR is all about control.

 John> We are about Free Software.  It does Free Software no good for us to
 John> be distributing non-free software on our mirror network.

 	Again. We are not entirely about free software -- we are also
 about supporting our users endeavors, and about being the best there
 is. Rabid fanaticism at the expense of quality is *not* what we are
 all about.

 John> At one time, one may have argued that we needed to support a non-free
 John> section in order to have a complete and coherent system.  As discussed
 John> in #1, this requirement does not today exist.

 	And as people are pointing out, you have not looked at the
 packages in non-free, and this is certainly not a true statement.

 >> We package them as .debs. We provide the archive sites. We
 >> provide the BTS. We do the work. Even though these packages are not
 >> part of the distribution, debian developer add value. They make these
 >> packages more useful for our users, and by extention, they make
 >> debian more useful as well. 

 John> They do not make the Debian system more useful; the Debian system does
 John> not use them.

 	They make Debian more useable for people using Debian, even if
 they are add-ons, and not part of Debian.

 John> I would further question whether there is any added utility at all.
 John> These are non-free, and by legitimizing that fact, there is less of an
 John> impetus to either change the license or create Free versions.

	Please. You do not advance the interests fo free software by
 pretending the non-free software does not exist. I think we should be
 about choices -- and we should advocate free software because it is a
 better choice. 

 John> 5. The existance of the non-free section is being used as a cop-out by
 John> those that seek to peddle non-free wares.
 >> >> 
 >> >> Heh. Bigotry revealed.
 John> Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that it may be you that are
 John> guilty of this.
 >> Please elucidate. What bigotry exactly am I guilty of?

 John> You automatically assume that I am bigoted.  That attitude is exactly
 John> what you were accusing me of.

	I di no such thing. I think your words speak for themselves here.

 John> This proposal does not mention the BTS.

 	So we can continue to use the BTS for non-fee software?

 John> Where's the fundamental shift?  We are making a technical shift based
 John> on licensing.  It is unfortunate that this particular technical detail
 John> was written into the Social Contract at all.  Had that document been
 John> better written, this could have been accomplished without any
 John> modifications to it and probably without a General Resolution.

 	The social contract is at the heart of what is Debian. Given
 our success, I doubt if we would be where we are now had the contract
 been significantly different. And you are proposing changing what I
 think is the winning combination -- free-sftware advocacy, without
 the fanaticism.

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