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RE: Proposing a debian-contrib net...

Title: RE: Proposing a debian-contrib net...

I can agree with this one, I can't imagine Linux without Netscape (even though Netscape is a bloated memory pig).. nothing else free compares, and Netscape is still quasi-free and was the first one to be mostly free even when they still charged money for it.  You could theoretically download it since v 1.0 and earlier right from their ftp sites.  AFAIK it has always been non-charged for on the UNIX platforms.  If it wasn't for MSFT we might be using Mosaic today, but then again I guess NCSA had better things to do with their time and sold it to Spyglass.  Also since Debian's package format is close-on the best in the world, there has to be some work done by people like Corel on WordPerfect and Corel Draw (highly non-free) to put them in deb format.... aliening works sometimes... but I've had some huge problems with it on occasion.

---Perhaps this debian-contrib net could rename to dind  as in dind's not debian... or a better name for that matter, and include all the things that are great and free to distribute even though they don't fit the politique of Debian.  Maybe the kde people would love this (I think KDE is ugly, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and preference).  What is so interesting is how restrictive the GPL is especially in light of it being designed to keep software free (which means of course free in usage not in cost...according to the books at least).

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