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Re: Proposing a debian-contrib net...

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On 7 Jun 2000, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> So Debian finally gets to shed its last vestiges of non-free-ness
> (which I agree with, even if I still have a need for some of that
> non-free software), and people who want the non-free stuff get to keep
> it in circulation.  Just add another line to sources.list and away you
> go.

Here's my $0.02....

The "non-free" name on the section is enough to demote it to
"second-class citizen" status. Why get rid of it when many of
our users need things that are in it?

[ I actually understand the rationale, but is it worth the trouble? ]

If this Resolution gets passed, and non-free gets the axe, I have a
Fat Pipe(tm) and a few Gigs to spare. I'll pick up a mirror of non-free
myself. Who's with me? :^)

[ Hopefully there is enough warning for me to split non-free off
[ from my mirror of the main archive so I don't have to rsync it
[ back over from someone else's mirror....

I only use Netscape from non-free, so axing it will not cause _me_
much grief. I just hate to see a whole section, which enhances the
utility of our distro, get wiped out over a nit-picky philosophical

Suggestion: non-free.debian.org  (ie, non-us.debian.org, et al)


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