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Re: UMASK 002 or 022?

The Doctor What writes:

> No, actually the issue is that if I make a directory, '~/man' and
> stick personal man pages in it, mandb can't make an index file for
> them and man can't read them.

So it appears that the problem here is that ~/man is not writable by
gid man (most likely it's 0644 and owned by you). I think what you
want to do here is make it world-writeable and then set the sticky bit
to protect your personal pages (is this right? I don't use man-db, so
I don't have the docs handy...)

> Man is setuid user 'man'.

Right, but this doesn't change the umask. /etc/profile is only read by
bash (when it's a login shell), not by random setuid binaries. That's
what I meant.

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