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I intend to package AxKIT, an XML Delivery Toolkit for Apache
(http://www.xml.sergeant.org/axkit/).  From this homepage:

AxKit, is a suite of tools for the Apache httpd server running
mod_perl, that give developers extremely flexible options for
delivering XML to all kinds of browsers, from handheld systems,
Braille readers, and ordinary browsers. All this can be achieved using
nothing but W3C standards, although the plugin architecture provides
the hooks for developers to write their own stylesheet systems, should
they so desire. Two non-W3C stylesheet systems are included as

The toolkit provides full intelligent caching, which ensures that if
any parameters in the display of the XML file change, the cache is
overwritten. The toolkit also provides hooks for DOM based stylesheets
to cascade. This allows (for example) the initial stylesheet to
provide menu items and table of contents, while the final stylesheet
formats the finished file to the desired look. It's also possible to
provide multiple language support this way.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: ardo@chello.nl, ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://home.flevonet.nl/~avrangel, http://www.debian.org/~ardo
PGP fp:     3B 1F 21 72 00 5C 3A 73  7F 72 DF D9 90 78 47 F9

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