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Re my earlier post on Debian Team

I appologize in advance if my post seemed like an ad, but technically
(someone notified me of this, and no I didn't read commercial rules since
I've never been commercialized until now)

THERE ARE NO POSITIONS OPEN NOW... so it's not an ad..

More the equivalent of hey ... I play bass... you play guitar... lets jam
sometime... in Linux speak.

And we'd give and probably will give $1000 or more to the Debian group as
soon as we can, but we are in R&D and very tight on funding.

Once again if people are interested in any of the following technologies, or
know people that are proficient in them, a simple e-mail would be nice.
We'd kind of like to develop this with the public since it'd be a good thing
to re-integrate back into Debian at some point.  (removing anything non-GPL
of course, but not our stuff :-))

Areas: Debian 2.2 Potato (of course), Windowmaker/GNUSTEP/Login.App (and
some equivalent file manager, packaging util, mail app, and recycle-bin for
the dock), anything else that tickles your fancy except KDE and maybe Gnome.

Discussions... advocacy welcome... X'cept of course... This or that S*cks.


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