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ITP: freesci


I have packaged freesci, a free reimplementation of the Sierra Creative
Interpreter (SCI) that was used in many (commercial) games. It is
licenced under the GPL (v2), but as it needs some (commercial) SCI game
files (e.g., data files from Space Quest 2) to actually be usefull, it
should probably go in contrib (like sarien).  Furthermore, the program
is still not very stable nor are all SCI functions implemented, so you
won't be able to finish any games (yet).

The freesci hp is at http://freesci.linuxgames.com; preliminary deb's
can be found at http://medeia.dhs.org/~bas/Debian/freesci

I am not yet a Debian developer, but I am in the queue.

Package: freesci
Priority: extra
Section: games
Installed-Size: 1318
Maintainer: Bas Zoetekouw <bas@A-Es2.uu.nl>
Version: 0.2.5-1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.1.2), libglib1.2 (>= 1.2.0), libncurses5, libpng2,
libreadline4 (>= 4.1), libz1
Description: a portable interpreter for SCI games like Space Quest 3
 FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space Quest
 series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels).
 FreeSCI is incomplete. You will not be able to finish any SCI game with
 it.  This release has the following limitations (plus some bugs):
   - Only SCI0 games are supported
   - The parser is not yet implemented
   - Restarting the game does not work
   - The game menu is not supported yet
   - Several SCI kernel functions are missing
   - Not all keys are mapped/interpreted correctly
   - Sound is not supported yet
   - Graphics are slow, especially on displays not using 8bpp color
     index mode.
 It has the following improvements over Sierra SCI:
   - SCI0 background pictures can be rendered in 256 colors
   - saving and restoring the game state is possible from more places
     the Sierra SCI engine allowed
   - Better debugger (we think :-)
   - readline-style editing is supported in selectors

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