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ITP: sweep

{{ this is also being submitted to database@gnu.org }}

sweep, a sound wave editor

Priority: optional

%%name: sweep

%%short-description: An editor for sound samples

 A sound editor for sound samples. It operates on various
 PCM style files such as .wav, .aiff and .au. 
 Sweep contains filters and effects as well as multi-level 
 undo and redo. It also allows discontinuous selections, 
 multiple views of a sound sample and piano-style playback.

%%category: sound

%%keywords: sound, audio, editor, .wav, .au, .aiff

%%licence: GNU GPL

%%web-page: http://sweep.sourceforge.net/

%%developer: Conrad Parker <conrad@vergenet.net>

%%announcement list: sweep-announce@lists.sourceforge.net

%%development list: sweep-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

%%related: Ecawave, GLAME, Gmurf, libaudiofile, libsndfile, snd, Sonic Flow, SoX


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