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Re: potato

On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 11:44:52PM -0600, Arthur Edwards wrote:
> In a previous message, I had surmised that kernel-image-2.2.15-ide 
> had no SCSI support. I was right. I now have SCSI support using 
> kernel-image-2.2.15.  While the package name does contain ide, the 
> discussion only stipulates that it includes an ide patch for 
> advanced ide devices. I strongly suggest one of two paths:
> 1. SCSI support is built into a new version of this image

Release Notes and Installation Manual contain this:

   Kernel images are available in various "flavors", each of which
   supports a different set of hardware. The flavors available for Intel
   x86 are:

          The standard kernel package available in Debian. This includes
          almost all drivers supported by Linux built as modules, which
          includes drivers for network devices, SCSI devices, sound
          cards, Video4Linux devices, etc. The `vanilla' flavor includes
          one Rescue Floppy, one root and three Driver Floppies.

          Very similar to `vanilla', except it includes Andre Hedrick's
          IDE patches to support UDMA66 devices.

          Like `vanilla', but with many of the less-frequently-use
          drivers removed (sound, v4l, etc). In addition, it has built in
          support for several popular PCI Ethernet devices -- NE2000,
          3com 3c905, Tulip, Via-Rhine and Intel EtherExpress Pro100.
          These built in drivers allow you to take full advantage of the
          Debian installer's net install feature to install the Driver
          Floppies and/or base system over the network so that only the
          root and Rescue Floppy disks need to be made. Finally,
          `compact' also supports several common RAID controllers:
          DAC960, and Compaq's SMART2 RAID controllers. The `compact'
          flavor includes one Rescue Floppy, one root and one driver

          Kernel that supports only IDE and PCI devices (and a very small
          number of ISA devices). This kernel should be used if the SCSI
          drivers in the other flavors cause your system to hang on
          startup (probably because of resource conflicts, or a
          misbehaving driver/card in your system.) The `idepci' flavor
          also has a built-in ide-floppy driver so that you can install
          from LS120 or ZIP devices.

   Although we have described above how many 1.44MB diskettes the
   different sets occupy, you may still choose different methods of

   The kernel config files for these flavors can be found in their
   respective directories in a file named "kernel-config".

Perhaps the name "kernel-image-2.2.15-ide" is wrong. Can it be changed
this late in the freeze? I somehow doubt it...

Notice that discussions regarding Debian installations should be held on
debian-boot or debian-testing lists, not debian-devel. Kernel related issues
should be sent to the kernel maintainer directly.

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