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Re: New Debian Maintainers

James Troup wrote:
> [ Please do not reply to debian-devel-announce ]
> I've no idea if this mail is appropriate for this list.  Every time
> I've bought the issue up on IRC, I've had at least 3 suggestions for
> which list I should send it to.  If you think debian-devel-announce is
> not the appropriate list, please raise the issue on debian-something
> and hash it out, I'll post all future announcements to whatever the
> consensus is.

FWIW, to add to the consensus, d-d-a is THE appropriate list for
the announcement of new developers, among whom I hope to be soon
(my application goes in today, since I got my gpg key signed y'day).

> ...
> new-maintainer was active (i.e. LDAP hell^H^Haven).
> ...

But you missed a BSP. ;)

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