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Re: to reiterate, why are there no security updates on the front page? (Or, 17 security holes the security team hasn't told you about)

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> > Why is the last security update listed on the www.debian.org web page,
> > and the last security announcement posted to debian-security-announce,
> > from way back in March? 
> One reason: we probably need one or two extra people in the security
> team. We had someone join the security team last year only to leave
> before doing anything, and another this year who is still a member
> but doesn't seem to have done anything yet. 


> I'm guessing that we'll get a bunch of replies from people stating that
> they want to volunteer. We'll probably ignore or reject most of those
> since we want people we know we can trust. 


> > While a quick grep of debian-changes for this month and April for
> > "security" finds:

Joey, can you feed us with that information?  I feel that it is helpful
to track problems and to get them documented.  But.. please don't put
more than 5 such problems in one mail... that's flood....

> Lets ignore all the ones from potato and woody, we don't support that.
> That leaves:

I strongly object!  We have a lot of users who already use potato so we
have to support it.  It's also being released soon - I hope.



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to answer.   -- Perl book

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