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Re: ITP seahorse

On Sat, May 20, 2000 at 07:41:59PM -0600, John Galt wrote:
> I do.  Consistency is a virtue as well, in fact without it

How inspiring to hear principled rhetoric from a person who hasn't even the
courage to attach his own name to his remarks, hiding himself instead
behind the mask of a fictitious polemicist.

At any rate, this thread is moronic.

1) DFSG-free packages that depend only on packages in main should go in main.

2) DFSG-free packages that depend only on packages in main and non-us/main
   should go in non-us/main.

This approach is obvious and consistent with two long-established practices
in Debian: first, that "main" is self-contained, and second, that we
recognize DFSG-free software as such by distributing it in our official
distribution.  Furthermore, it has long been the case that authoritarian
laws around the world have impeded or outright prevented mass production
and distribution of the complete set of official Debian packages within
certain jurisdictions.  The phenomenon is nothing new.  Unjust laws cannot
make software unfree; only the copyright holder(s) can do that.

Mindless sophistry about placing category 2) packages in contrib is
counter-productive.  If we are shackled to such an interpretation by
current policy, then policy must be amended immediately to reflect the
present sensible organization of non-us, which wasn't in place years ago
when the contrib area was first defined.

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