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Re: Formal objection: Changing how the testing of potato works would invalidate the whole test. So please don't change it.

On Mon, May 15, 2000 at 07:09:02PM -0400, Mike Bilow wrote:
> This is a tough call, but I suggest that it may result in a net saving of
> time to abandon the current test cycle.  We know, for example, that the
> kernel is going to have to be changed before release, first because it is
> bad on general principles to release on the 2.2.15pre20 kernel instead of
> the official 2.2.15 kernel, and second because there is at least one
> critical bug (the Adaptec SCSI problem, bug 63946) which is going to force
> a kernel patch.

I've said it previously in this thread and will say it again: nobody
seriously intends to release potato at the end of this test cycle.
But then again, we are learning lots from this testing cycle *despite*
the presence of known (and now fixed) RC bugs, and doing *anything* to
change the state of the potato archive will lose any advantages we
gained by have a test cycle.  (Think: boot-floppies and CD images; how
do you create and test those when the distribution you are copying
changes every day?)



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