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Re: FW: new email virus


Ship's Log, Lt. Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo, Stardate 040500.1254:
> > On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 10:02:53AM -0400, Alex Goldman wrote:
> > > HONG KONG (AP) -- A computer virus spread by e-mail messages titled
> > > ``ILOVEYOU'' infected Asian and European computers today, apparently hitting
> No, GNU/Linux users aren't vulnerable. *But*, many GNU/Linux users are
> running servers, especially e-mail servers, that are quite likely to
> be serving mail to Windows users, and those same GNU/Linux users are
> the ones who have to field the irate tech support calls and try to
> figure out why their mail server is going into deep thrash mode. It's
> a heads up.

Still no need for 3 or 4 pages of To ...
btw.: someone interested in the source? :-)

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