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Re: Potato test started -> 2.2.15 out

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> wrote:

> the current 2.2.15 images in potato are pre20. If we have another test cycle
> we'll probably work with dark to get the official 2.2.15 in, but I think the
> current situation is reasonable.

The only difference between 2.2.15pre20 and 2.2.15pre20 is the removal of
a duplicate entry for IUCV in init/main.c and the removal of
CONFIG_IP_MASQUERADE_UDP_LOOSE, neither of which affects our kernel

So it is pretty much inconsequential whether we package 2.2.15 or not.  The
only advantage of it being that we won't have the pre20 in the version number.

But I'd like to hear from our release manager whether an upload of 2.2.15 will
be accepted or is wanted.
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