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Re: record sound on live value sound blaster

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 08:31:17PM -0700, angel a gutierrez wrote:
> recordin sound by awa64 is completed, the sound is no to good, live have
> best sound
> went trated recording sound, nothing came out.
> please help me to do it.

The best place to direct queries about the SBLive cards is toward the
people who actually know how they work.

Have a look at http://opensource.creative.com/ and find their mailing
list.  They can better answer your questions.

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<calc> yea it sounds useful for RE'ing USB
<calc> i have a useless 3com usb camera here :(
<knghtbrd> calc: 3Com could have you arrested for violating laws which
           don't exist 'till October  ;>
<calc> knghtbrd: i will hide :)
<knghtbrd> ...resisting arrest too eh?
<calc> knghtbrd: no i will hide before i get served

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