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I have uploaded source and binary packages of gnome-pilot to my personal FTP
site. I'd like it if someone could bang on it a bit before I begin to think
about asking my sponsor to upload. I've split the source into three binary
The actual program binaries
Runtime libraries required for the above (proper depends: is set)
Development libraries (static libs, *.so symlinks, headers) for above

It's lintian-clean, working on my system, and apt-gettable at
deb ftp://ftp.madhack.com debian/unstable/binary-i386/
deb-src ftp://ftp.madhack.com debian/unstable/source/


Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
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Youth doesn't excuse everything.
- Dr. Janice Lester (in Kirk's body), "Turnabout Intruder", stardate 5928.5.

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