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Re: How bad is --force-remove-reinstreq

Martijn van Oosterhout writes ("How bad is --force-remove-reinstreq"):
> I have a system on which pcmcia-cs is marked as half-installed/needing
> reinstallation. The system doesn't use pcmcia. Because of this error,
> apt refuses to work because it doesn't know where pcmcia-cs comes
> from.
> So the choices are to manually download all the required packages to
> create pcmcia-cs (the source isn't on this machine) only to immediately
> uninstall them, or
> use --force-remove-reinstreq...

If you don't have the exact same version that broke then you probably
suffer the bad effects of that --force anyway, which are (primarily)
that the abortive installation might leave leftover files behind.


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