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Re: Dealing with weird upstream sources

"David Z. Maze" <dmaze@mit.edu> wrote:
> What's the best way to deal with this?  My first guess is to use the
> upstream tar file as "upstream source", include a diff in the Debian
> diffs, and have debian/rules unpack the three source tarballs and
> patch it.  This also seems like a pain, both to build and to work on.
> I could also turn the three sub-tarballs into one big
> not-quite-pristine source tarball, which seems much easier to deal
> with though not quite "correct".  Any hints?

Your second approach is the one that I recommend. Also I would remove the
other software like autoconf from the .orig.tar.gz. I would suggest that you
make the upstream source how you think an upstream source should look. You
could even supply the upstream authors with a copy of your file, and recommend
that they change the way they distribute there code.

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