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Re: Discussing the DMUP

>>"Philippe" == Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:

 Philippe> Of course, we have nothing better to do than playing the Debian
 Philippe> Democracy Game. This piece of "policy" is so often used that it
 Philippe> obviously need a rewrite.

           Loaded words.

 Philippe> Leave it up to common sense...

           Unfortunately, common sense is too often a shorthand for
 ``stuff done the way I think it should be done''. When you grow to be
 500+ people, you can no longer just wing it, knowing that your fellow
 developers are like minded - because some of them very likely are not
 going to be.

       What works for a small busines or organization rarely scales --
 and I think we are at the point at which we need to have guidelines,
 thought out before hand, not something we try to patch up on the fly
 in crisis mode. 

      Size is the reason I think we need to create checks and balances
 for assigned power (much though it galls old timers that the project
 has sunk too such depths). I'll elaborate on this in another message.

 Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been
 around here at quitting time.
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