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intent to pack fancylogin & tetradraw

        Hello there!

 I want to put fancylogin[1] into a debian-package. It's a themeable
login-replacement for the console. I hope noone else is about to do
that. It's really neat and also quite new - so I don't think this is a

 In connection to that I want to pack also tetradraw[2], an ansi-drawing
program. I haven't found it in the available packages yet and hope noone
is working on that one, either.

 If anyone could give me a hand (I've read the packaging-manual so far
and am a bit puzzled about the one or the other thing), especially about
the files and rules that are absolutely needed (I've taken a look into
the hello-package and figured out quite a lot yet), it would be
completely appreciated.

 And finally, I want to ask if there is a debian-developer that lives in
vienna/austria? So that s/he could help me registering myself as an

 Thanks in advance!
Gerfried Fuchs aka Alfie
[1] <http://duke.htl-leonding.ac.at/user/2ahd/2ahd20/>
[2] <ftp://ircii.org/pub/tetradraw/>
"There are some micro-organisms that exhibit characteristics of both
plants and animals.  When exposed to light they undergo photosynthesis;
and when the lights go out, they turn into animals.  But then again,
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