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Re: Bug#62878: Screen display problems with terminals

On Sun, Apr 23, 2000 at 03:27:26AM -0400, Eric Weigel wrote:
> I think it's the font.

nope, it's not the font. It's the $TERM variable. I've battled with this
problem for quite a while and when Ross asked about it again now I just
went and sat down and figured it out. If TERM is set to linux then
everything is color, but you get the funny characters in mutt. If it is set
to xterm you get everything in black and white but the characters are
right. For some reason midnight commander is color and the characters are
right. If I set TERM to rxvt then everything's color and the characters are
right, but then half of the keys in vim are mucked up. BTW, I tested all of
this using Eterm. I tried gnome-terminal now and then and it pretty much
behaves the same way.

Unfortunately I have no solution. Can someone please help us?

Sarel Botha

99 little bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code,
          fix one bug, compile it again...
          101 little bugs in the code....

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