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intent to package gviz

I intend[1] to package `gviz' aka Graphviz.  The primary components of gviz
are `dot' and `neato' which are used to render directed or undirected
graphs into ps, gif, and many other formats.

You can read about gviz at http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/

It carries an AT&T open source licence which has been submitted to
xxx and they believe will be ruled OpenSource.  It can be seen at

You can see example output at...
... I'd switch of java first to avoid the annoying applet at the top.
Yep.  It just cratered my browser.

(For those familiar with the issue, I've circumvented TrueType issues
by including a single freely distributable font and using it for 
the default.)

[1] I've already packaged it.  I'm just fiddling with it to make sure 
    its right.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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