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Re: Seldomly used files [Re: RFC/ITP: Constitution of Finland]

Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org> writes:
> On 17-Apr-00, 17:37 (CDT), Kevin Ryde <user42@zip.com.au> wrote: 
> > I see the main advantages of a Debian package being that it integrates
> > with the system and can be removed or reinstalled easily.  I wonder if
> > a "data-installer" package could do that for all sorts of net grabable
> > documents without them having to be archived on Debian servers.
> It exists already. It's called "wget".

This is what I use, with the urls and local directories in a script.
But it's sometimes tedious checking whether it's one file or several
that need mirroring, whether it has to be untarred and maybe
install-info'ed, etc.

I'm just thinking it could be nice if random people could contribute
data descriptions in a standard form to smooth out mirroring/installing.
Certainly it'd be better than 200Mb packages with pictures of toenail
clippings in main.

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