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Re: install from a pile of floppies?

Hello Peter,

On 12 Apr 2000, Peter Makholm wrote:

> Daniel Reuter <reuter@Uni-Hohenheim.DE> writes:
> > in the distribution (But not as a .deb package, because on most
> > "stupid" ;-) commercial Unixes there is no tool to extract .debs, and this 
> Most Unices I've seen have had ar, tar and gzip.

AFAIK, it is not possible to extract a .deb file neither with tar nor
with gzip. I just tried it:
tar xf ed_0.2-18.deb
and it said:
tar: Hmm, this doesn't look like a tar archive
tar: Skipping to next file header
tar: Only read 2526 bytes from archive ed_0.2-18.deb
tar: Error ist unrecoverable: exiting now
I am not that experienced concerning the internals of the .deb package
format, so if you know how to extract these files with tar, ar or gzip,
please let me know.
I think the point of the suggestion of David writing dpkg-split in
perl, was to provide this tool to other UNIXes so that people can split
their packages on another UNIX-machine to fit to floppies. So if it is
true, that you can't extract a .deb with tar, gzip or ar, it would be
senseless, if this package was provided in .deb-format, because you
couldn't use it on another UNIX-machine with just tar, ar, or gzip on it. 


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