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Re: install from a pile of floppies?

John Haggerty <haggerjo@sophist.cs.slcc.edu> writes:

> split -b 1420000 file.deb
> That will leave files xaa xab xac ... etc. Then copy these files onto the
> disk and then cat them together in the right order. That will allow you to
> transfer the data on floppy media. However it will not allow you to
> install directly from floppies.

Ah, that takes me back.  That is exactly how I installed Hamm (my
first Linux system ever).  Like other people on this thread, I had no
network connectivity at home, but access to an AIX account at
uottawa.ca and a lab full of PCs with floppy drives at the university.

FWIW, I was rather annoyed at that section of the install manual when
I read it, as it's kind of pointless if you don't have a Debian system
(there's no dpkg-split on AIX ;)

I might try to rewrite dpkg-split in Perl4 (since commercial Unix is
stupid and university sysadmins tend to be overworked or lazy) or
shell so that others won't be stuck in this situation.

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