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Re: RC-bugs, horizons and all that...

Richard B. Kreckel writes ("RC-bugs, horizons and all that..."):
> The suggestion is therefore for a future release manager to actually
> remove *any* package that has had a release-critical bug for more than
> three months, even if that package is called glibc.  No, I am not talking
> about the frozen dist but about the unstable dist.  This way we also
> encourage NMUs from people who get into dependency problems and such.

This is guilt engineering and it DOES NOT WORK !

You cannot get better performance and more attention from volunteers
by being nasty to them.  Giving maintainers a hard time will just
make them go and read a book, watch TV, read news, do DIY, or whatever
else, instead of dealing with all the negative vibes from Debian.  The
result: fewer bugs fixed.


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