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Re: sponsor(s) needed for emelfm, upx, libucl

David Starner wrote on Tue Apr 11, 2000 um 10:19:19AM:

> > under GPL) and the compressed contents of the real executable. But there
> > are some limitations regarding the compression of non-GPL-programs with
> > an modified version of UPX. 
> It's how Debian and RMS would interpret the conditions of the GPL - if you're
> going to link (which, as they say, this is a special form of) with a GPL'ed
> library (the UPX stub) then the program must be GPL. 

Hm, from this point of view this mixed license could be compared with
LGPL, since it it allows to be linked with commercial programs as long
as not beeing modified. I will ask the author.

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