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Re: postgresql 6.5.3 vs. debian

Petr Cech wrote:
  >On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 09:47:07AM -0500 , w trillich wrote:
  >> aaugh!
  >> i'm having my fourth day of troubles trying to upgrade
  >> my 6.3 pgsql (came on the debian cd) to 6.5.3, and i'm hoping
  >> someone might have the insight i need to get over this hurdle...
Give up and install the Debian packages.  If you use apt, everything you 
need will be installed automatically.

  >1) what version of Debian
  >2) why over rpm, which looks like will need glibc-2.1
  >  - this means that the converted rpms will run on potato and not on slink.
  >    And in slink there already are postgresql 6.5.3 .debs.

and 7.0beta5 is now in woody (but go through 6.5.3-17 to get there)
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