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Re: please stop!!

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Grendel wrote:
>> > Well, I suppose that a manager should know that FBI is limited in its
>> > actions to the US territory :))) - after all the 'F' stands for Federal :)).
>> > Maybe he meant CIA? :)))
>> Well, in a country that manages to convict a sovereign nation's ministry
>> of information before a local US court, everything's possible.
>Well, if the ministry was in violation of local laws, then why not? I see it
>as perfectly justified, although a bit bizarre :)

It is totally ridiculous.  If they are going to do such things then why not
award $300M to the family of every soldier who died in WW2 then Germany would
be paying their entire GDP for the next 1000 years.

Such judgements are stupid.  But not as obscene as the judgement against
Cuba.  Apparently the US sued Cuba for damages resulting from military action
between the two countries.  Then when Cuba (rightfully IMHO) refused to pay
money owing to the Cuban phone company was seized instead.

But this mailing list isn't about US foreign policy.  I suggest that all
future messages on this topic not have debian-devel included on the CC list.

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